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cherry blossom

A new project I started in 2021, which will hopefully be completed in 2023. It's a collaboration of poetry and paintings. These are the first paintings I've ever done so still a lot to learn and develop. They are accompanied with extracts from the poems.  Hope you enjoy.

 Art and Poetry


Strong and free and full of life,

like a spirit-knife his passion cuts

through the threatening night 

of the forest dark...

tiger painting

The White Blossom

To escape the Autumn rains we ran
under a blossom tree we found.
As the North wind came and blew its roots,
it grasped dark soil underground.
In the winter months we warmed ourselves
as the virgin blossom went to sleep.
We laughed out loud, we held on tight
to air-like memories we tried to keep...



Slowly rising from Medusa's corpse,
his wings start to unfold; he ascends,
he tramples through the blood, 
his heart is pure, his spirit bold,
inspiration for the artist's soul...

PEGASUS painting
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