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Short Films

The first two short films were screened at The Scottish Mental Health Arts festivals (2017 and 2019 respectively). The 3rd film, 'Elementals' is currently in production and 'coming soon to a cinema near you'. You can also check out Reel People Scotland's films in the 'More' section in the menu.
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Adam where are you?

Adam, where are you?

This film is a glimpse into the life of a young Glasgow man, Adam, who is trying to improve his life and find his place in the world; his past pains, losses and broken relationships continue to pursue him until he can begin to resolve them through re-connection to his own inner self.

Jacob Collins in Soulless


Soulless is a short film about two friends who are reconciled after a period of alienation. They begin to rediscover or realise through their friendship and also in their compassion for others who are in need, the hidden intrinsic value of the human soul.



'Elementals' was completed in December 2022 and is currently being distributed internationally in film festivals. The film explores the deep joy of connection and the profound pain of our disconnection through grief and loss. The film uses striking cinematography and beautiful music rather than the density of words to communicate experiences of consciousness which are beyond thought. A preview can be seen if you follow the link below.

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