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PEGASUS as a symbol of the anima crystallised from the corpse of Medusa.d


Slowly rising from Medusa's corpse,
his wings start to unfold; he ascends,
he tramples through the blood,
his heart is pure, his spirit bold,
inspiration for the artist's soul.


He stamps his hooves
on Helicon's mount to make
the Hippocrene spring burst forth
a gush of living water streams as creative life outpours,
for one who drinks the Muses will adore.


He'll not be tamed by any man, but Athene with her golden lace
let Bellerophon bridle for a time
so fierce chimera could be faced,
defeated by the god's own grace.


Lycia now can be at peace
for the lion-headed creature bleeds
at Pegasus' feet like the gorgon's head,
as the ancient serpent silently heeds
under Eve's crushing heel. 


Like the morning star grasping for God
to Olympus proudly flies
Bellerophon with ambitious zeal
as Zeus stares with a knowing gaze
at Pegasus' fiery innocent eyes
as the rider falls
to his death and dies.


Yet the love of Zeus falls softly 
on the stallion with angels' wings,
as he makes his form a heavenly host
of shining, starry things;
reigning over what the darkness brings.

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