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Strong and free and full of life, 

like a spirit-knife his passion cuts

through the threatening night

of the forest dark.


A dignified warrior he strides in peace, 

under the beating sun

to protect his young,

from what may come.


Power and beauty restrained

under the instinctual vulnerability

of the earthly elements

of the tempting, testing desert. 


Yet he proudly wears his majestic robe

of orange and gold with lashes of black

across his face, flowing down his back

intuitively following the ancient tracks. 


Moved by the needs of watchful cubs,

with growling bellies and hungry minds,

he thinks not twice to pounce at life,

to feed their mouths and teach their hearts:

wisdom and survival.


Independent from all but his Creator;

he walks alone and loves his own and all

which Life has given him. 

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