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Restoration and Redemption

Expressions of personal experience and connection to an aspect of our consciousness deeper than mind which is,

I believe, the most universal and fundamental aspect of our being.

The poems consider our shared emotional pain but also our deepest universal hopes.

Image by Nathan Dumlao
Image by Clay Banks
Image by Yoann Boyer

The human heart

Your spirit is beautiful,
your gentle emotions
move you to perceive
eternal devotions.
You see the unseen;
you hear the unheard;
You care for the timid,
understanding they're scared...


to be-loved is not to try,

but to receive and not deny

the acceptance of free grace,

mercy shining on your face.

Striving for peace comes to an end

when we re-cognise that Friend,

who reaches with open arms

and scatters grace's charms...

Removing the Veil

I caught a glimpse
of your beautiful heart,
as the veil was moved
from my dim-lit eyes.
O, how I don't see,
well I may see a part
of your story, your journey,
your hurt and your crying...

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