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I’m more interested in applied philosophy and not just theories and concepts,(the analytic mind is not the whole picture!) despite the irony that my introversion is drawn to the more abstract aspects of philosophy such as:

Metaphysics                 What is reality and what is it like? 

Epistemology               What can we know and how do we know it? 

Ontology                      What exists and what is its existence like?

Philosophy of mind     What is mind and what is it like?

I think that the more 'concrete' aspects of philosophy such as moral philosophy:

What the good is and how to move towards it, and political philosophy

What the best ideas are on which a society could function, 

are built on the assumptions or conclusions of the 'abstract' aspects mentioned above. So, I think we get a clearer perspective if we consider them both together. 

I’ve studied philosophy at undergraduate( M.A.Honours degree 1997) and graduate(Msc in philosophy 2021) levels and I hope to share some ideas (an upcoming vlog and possibly an online course?) on Univocity and get some conversation going, particularly around the notion of The authentic Self and real happiness. 


The questions around identity(who/what are we?) and its relation to the nature of consciousness are keys to answering the questions of philosophy above.

Exploring the question of identity and consciousness isn’t just personal (what am I like?) but rather more universal:


What does it really mean to be human?

For me the answers to these questions can hopefully move us

towards more happiness and less suffering

…and who doesn’t want that? 


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