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Beautiful Connection

Image by Arjunsyah

Fig Leaves

We run from our aching hearts into the whirlwind mind
caught up, entangled, searching,
for the Self we cannot find.
thinking, thinking, incessantly thinking, avoiding the feeling of separation and disconnection...

Image by Christi Marcheschi
Image by Kristen Sturdivant


Beautiful are the broken vases,
the tattered clothes and the shattered glasses.
beautiful are the crumbling leaves,
falling from reluctant trees.
more beautiful still is the contrite heart,
allowing its pride to fall apart...


All the reasons in the world
can't away our sorrow.
All the cleverest explanations
can't take away our sad tomorrows.
All of life's pleasures which I embrace
to distract this aching pain,
can't make me forget your lovely face,
or bring you back to be here again...

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