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1. When I was a Child: Autobiography and Personal Development Course

The aim is to reflect, discuss and then learn how to write about the first 18-20 years of your life.

You will be supported in developing language and writing techniques necessary for writing and telling your story.


You will also be guided by the course leader in weekly discussions and writing tasks to gather and develop information and skills to begin writing about the first 20 years of your life.


As well as learning autobiography writing skills, the course aims to further personal development by widening our emotional and social understanding and overall well-being.

(14 week course aimed at groups of between 4 and 12 people.)

2. 'Inspiration and Expression': taster sessions or weekly courses exploring various forms of poetry (spoken word/moving image) as a means of personal expression, inspiration and change. Exploring poetry techniques and using them as a means of creative expression.

(see examples)

3.‘Identity and Happiness’:

An introductory philosophy course reflecting, discussing, understanding and writing about Identity and its practical application to our daily lives. Philosophy can provide a deeper understanding of ourselves and others, and clarity of the world which we are in. 

4. 'Sound and Vision':

Univocity offers a variety of projects and audio-visual services( film and music production) to create service promotion videos for 3rd Sector or Corporate organisations, narrative videos, short documentaries, or short clips for social media and websites. Click on the links below for more:

        (service promotion/social issues)                                                      (some more personal projects)                 

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